Get the first look at Jamie Foxx’s Project Power ahead of tomorrow’s trailer

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Get the first look at Jamie Foxx’s Project Power ahead of tomorrow’s trailer
July 14, 2020 by: Kevin Fraser

If you could gain incredible super-powers for five minutes simply by popping a pill, would you do it? I think it's safe to say that most of us would jump at the chance; after all, who hasn't dreamed of being able to fly, to turn invisible, or to be able to answer the phone when an unknown number pops up, but what if there was a chance that the pill could kill you instead? Well, that's the core of PROJECT POWER, an upcoming Netflix film which is equal parts crime thriller, action thriller, and comic-book style fantasy.

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Jamie Foxx stars in PROJECT POWER as Art, a man on a mission to find the source of this mysterious drug, as well as the people behind it who have taken something very near and dear to his heart. The first trailer for PROJECT POWER will debut tomorrow, but in the meantime, Entertainment Weekly has a handful of images which offer our first look at the film, as well as a couple of teaser posters. Check them out below!

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In addition to Jamie Foxx, PROJECT POWER also stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as "a New Orleans police detective who gets ensnared in the search for the source of the titular drug. When he takes it, he acquires a very useful ability for his line of work," as well as Dominique Fishback as "a fearless and gifted young woman named Robin caught up in the serious business of slinging Power and ends up a central player in the drama." The film hails from co-director Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman (PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3 & 4), who came across PROJECT POWER as a spec script back in 2017.

We read the first 10 pages and were like, ‘We have to make this.' It was the Robin character we felt was so compelling and unique. Just the realism of it, the thought experiment of what would the world be like if a pill like this existed, and how would it be tested? How would it be distributed? What would the effect be on people?

Although the film deals with some dark themes, the pair knew that they had to balance it out with some humour as well. "That is the tightrope we had to walk the whole time," said Schulman. "We knew that we weren’t trying to make a really darkly serious film, because that’s just not us. The way we try to get our messages across is with fun and humor. You want actors that had that humanity, that can be serious and light." Joost added, "Jamie, Joe, and Dom have that ability to switch between those moods. We didn't want to make a movie that was relentlessly dark or relentlessly bleak. Just reflected life, which, sometimes in the midst of these really scary situations, there's levity to be found. We were looking for it." We'll be sure to have the trailer up for you when it's released tomorrow.

PROJECT POWER will debut on Netflix on August 14, 2020.

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