Without Remorse: What Did You Think?

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Without Remorse: What Did You Think?
May 1, 2021 by: Chris Bumbray

Well, it took decades but Tom Clancy’s WITHOUT REMORSE has finally been turned into a movie. While initially set for a theatrical release via Paramount Pictures, the film ended up being sold to Amazon Studios after numerous COVID-19 releated delays. The hope is that Amazon will be able to paylay their success with the Jack Ryan TV Series into a slew of films starring Michael B. Jordan as John Clark, with the presumptive sequel being Rainbow Six.

We were mixed on Without Remorse. While Jordan’s performance is terrific (as always – the guy is a legit star) the movie itself felt a little too low key to really kickoff a franchise. The action was mediocre, save for the great prison cell brawl that’s being teased in all of the trailers. It was good enough to muster a 6/10, but Jordan deserves better, and if they make sequels hopefully  they’ll get more ressources pumped into them.

But enough of what we thought – what did YOU think. Talk back below with your thoughts on Without Remorse. Are you psyched for Rainbow Six?



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